Ability and Competence: Thanks to the perfect control of the sail the boat moves smoothly and safely across the water. Like a well-translated text: flowing, clear and precise.


LinguaLogistic GmbH is the new name of the company set up by Roberto Stürchler in 1997 under the name of Roberto Stürchler lic.oec. HSG & Partner GmbH. Thanks to its organisation, its motivation and the high quality of its collaborators, this company succeeded in establishing itself within the shortest space of time and in gaining the confidence of customers in Switzerland and abroad. The new name highlights its aim to position itself on the market and achieve greater exposure. Moreover, the company aims to consolidate the success it has already recorded:

  • Lingua stands for the services of translating and interpreting into the various European languages;
  • Logistic stands for an efficient system of coordination and distribution of job orders to collaborators, business partners and specialists who are located in the various areas where different languages are spoken in Switzerland and abroad. Moreover the term emphasises the ideal linkage of language resources with various areas of specialisation and written and oral communication.

LinguaLogistic GmbH is domiciled in Buochs in the Canton of Nidwalden which is located in Central Switzerland and consequently right in the heart of Europe. In addition to which the company has a Center of Legal & Commercial Competence in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland as well as business partners in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, in Brussels and in Canada.